How Much Should You Give Someone For Gas?

How much gas does it take to drive 1 hour?

The $7.00 per hour figure is based on a vehicle that burns one $3.00 gallon of gas every 17 miles.

That’s a real figure for what our Town & Country uses in local driving.

If you assume an average speed of 42 miles per hour, it works out to $7.00 per hour..

Should I give my boyfriend gas money?

So it’s not wrong for you to give money to your boyfriend for gas. … If so then you are not giving him any money at all. You are only paying for your own gas. However, if the money is to cover his transportation, then it is up to the two of you to talk about what is fair.

How much gas does it take to drive 30 miles?

Cost To Drive 30 MilesMPG$2 per gallon$3 per gallon27 MPG$2.22$3.3328 MPG$2.14$3.2129 MPG$2.07$3.1030 MPG$2.00$3.0096 more rows

How much will 10 dollars of gas get you?

Since gas is $2.50/gallon and you buy $10 worth, that says you’ll get 4 gallons of gas ($2.50 * 4 = $10). Now figure out how many gallons you have left in your car. If you car holds 13 gallons, 1/4 of that is 3.25 gallons. Add the 3.25 gallons left to the 4 gallons you bought and you get 7.25 gallons in your car.

Is it rude to ask friends for gas money?

Nope. You should figure out how much gas you will need and split the cost evenly between the travelers. If you are driving your car, you should not have to share in the gas cost because you are doing the work and the wear and tear will be on your car, but maybe that’s too much for your friends to understand.

How many miles can you drive with 12 gallons of gas?

For example, if your car averages 25 miles per gallon on the highway and has a 12-gallon fuel tank, its range is 25 x 12 = 300 miles.

How do you politely ask for gas money?

Explain how you are feeling in the situation. You could say that you are devoting time as well as money (for gas along with regular upkeep for your vehicle) to drive your friend around.

Is it bad to ask for gas money?

If you’re driving for work and are going to be putting in a mileage claim it’s clearly not on to expect a coworker to give you gas money because you gave them a ride. If you’re going somewhere anyway and give a friend a ride it’s really between the two of you whether you give/expect gas money.

When should you give gas money?

Whether they are driving you a long way (like on a road trip), or if they went out of their way to help you (drove to get you, and then drove you right back to where they were), or if this is the third ride in two days that you’re getting, gas money shows that you appreciate the time, money, and effort that they have …