Question: How Many Ford Pintos Actually Exploded?

How much did a Ford Pinto cost in 1972?

The popular Ford compact Runabout models carried a base price of just $2,078 brand new..

Is Ford bringing back the Pinto 2020?

The Ford Pinto became so notorious during its time on the market that there is absolutely zero chance Ford will reintroduce the model.

Did Ford Pintos explode?

The NHTSA concluded: 1971–1976 Ford Pintos have experienced moderate speed, rear-end collisions that have resulted in fuel tank damage, fuel leakage, and fire occurrences that have resulted in fatalities and non-fatal burn injuries …

How many Ford Pinto blew up?

People liked the car. Ford sold 328,275 in the United States in 1971, its first year. Pinto crashes caused the death and mutilation of 900 occupants after their cars burst into flames after rear-end collisions, according to Wyden in The Unknown Iacocca.

Why do Ford Pintos explode?

The 1971 Ford Pinto was rushed into production to fight imported sub-compact cars. … The poor design of the Pinto’s fuel tank and rear end made it vulnerable to crashes, even at low speeds, in which the fuel tank would suffer extreme damage and catch on fire, often trapping the car’s occupants inside.

How much money did Ford lose on the Pinto?

wishes he had stayed on the links. Last week, jury foreman Quinn read in state Superior Court here a verdict assessing $125 million in punitive damages against Ford in a case involving the rupour and explosion of the fuel tank on a 1975 Pinto.