Question: What Is The Best Month To Go To Kauai?

What is Kauai known for?

Top 10 Reasons to Visit Kauai, The Garden Island1) Natural Beauty.

The Garden Island is the most undeveloped of the main Hawaiian Islands besides Lana’i and Moloka’i.

2) Na Pali Coast.

3) Koke’e State Park.

4) Beaches.

5) Water activities.

6) Hiking.

7) Fewer crowds.

8) Fresh tropical fruits.More items….

Should I go to Maui or Kauai first?

Many first time Hawaiian travelers wonder which island they should go to first. … Maui, located less than 3 hours from Kauai by plane, is often thought of as a mix between Hawaii’s capital island, Oahu, and rural Kauai.

Why is Kauai so expensive?

Kauai real estate is expensive because most of the land is preserved and only 5 percent of the land is commercially developed. … Some of the nuances here is that Kauai attracts people with a little bit more money, which actually drives the prices up.” On the Big Island, property is significantly cheaper.

Do I need a car on Kauai?

Unless you’re on a fairly leisurely schedule, you’ll need a car or other motorized vehicle to see and do everything on Kauai, which has one major road—one lane in each direction in most places—that rings the island except along the Napali Coast.

Is Kauai or Maui better?

Stunning coastlines, towering mountains, and lush jungles abound on both islands. However, the main difference between the two islands comes down to the variety in the landscapes, which Maui wins by a narrow margin. Maui: All in all, the scenery on Maui is more accessible than what’s found on Kauai.

What is the best way to see the NaPali Coast?

The absolute easiest way you’ll be able to see the Napali Coast is from the Kalalau lookout at the Waimea Canyon. You can drive right up to the lookout point and gaze down at the jagged cliffs of Kalalau and the bright blue ocean.

What side of Kauai has the best beaches?

Consider that South Shore Kauai has larger waves in Summer and the North Shore can exceed 30 feet in winter. That means Tunnels Beach is best for snorkeling from May-September and Poipu Beach enjoys calmer conditions from October-April.

What should you not miss on Kauai?

5 Amazing Sights You Can’t Miss On Kauai IslandEmerald-green Na Pali Coast. The breathtaking Na Pali Coast is the number one attraction to visit during your stay on the garden island. … Quintessential Hanalei town. … Romantic Tunnels Beach. … Waimea, The Great Canyon of the Pacific. … Show Stopper: Wailua Falls.

What is the rainiest month in Kauai?

DecemberWith 2.3 inches of rain or less, the driest months range from April through September. The rainiest month is December at 5.2 inches of rain.

Is Kauai more expensive than Maui?

Generally Maui is more expensive than Kauai. The key is booking early on car rental & lodging.

Which is the prettiest Hawaiian island?

OahuBut Oahu is much more than Honolulu or Waikiki – it may well be the most beautiful of all the major islands. You simply have to know where to go to experience the beauty that is Oahu. The eastern coast of Oahu is hemmed in by a gorgeous mountain range and boasts three of the islands best beaches.

Which Hawaiian island is the cheapest to visit?

OahuDue to the abundance of hotels, activities, tours, and attractions, Oahu is the most affordable island for tourists to visit. Between the competitive prices and myriad of things to do, those looking for a budget vacation to Hawaii will find that Oahu is exactly what they’ve been searching for.

Is Kauai expensive to visit?

You should plan to spend around $152 per day on your vacation in Kauai, which is the average daily price based on the expenses of other visitors. … Also, the average hotel price in Kauai for a couple is $181. So, a trip to Kauai for two people for one week costs on average $2,131.

Is North Shore or South Shore better in Kauai?

The North Shore receives a great deal more rain than the South Shore. In the summer months, for instance, the town of Princeville in the North Shore gets about six inches of rain in July and August, while in Poipu, on the South Shore, rainfall is less than two inches per month.

Can you drive all the way around Kauai?

The island is circular in shape with one main road connecting the North Shore and West Side of the island. You cannot drive completely around the island, the rugged and beautiful Na Pali Coast makes that impossible. Drive through quaint coastal towns and rural upcountry neighborhoods while exploring Kauai.

Where is the best weather in Kauai?

Here are the major resort areas listed in order of most sunshine. Poipu and Waimea on the South is by far your best bet for dry sunny days, as it averages around 35 inches of rain per year. Kapaa and Lihue on the eastern side of Kauai would be your second best choice with an average rainfall of 48 inches per year.

Where is the best beach in Kauai to swim?

Say Aloha to These Top Beaches on KauaiHanalei Bay Beach – North Shore. … Makua Beach (Tunnels) – North Shore. … Ke ‘e Beach – North Shore. … Poipu Beach – South Shore. … Anini Beach – North Shore. … Lydgate Beach Park – East Kauai. … Shipwreck Beach – South Shore. … Kiahuna Beach – South Shore.

Which is better Princeville or Poipu?

Princeville is on a bluff so you have gorgeous views of the mountains and water but beach access isn’t as easy as in Poipu. Some places to stay have paths to beaches like Hanalei Bay Resort and others have difficult access. Poipu is known as the sunny side of the island, but in May its pretty darn nice all over.

Which side of the Big Island is best to stay?

You’ll likely want to split your stay between Kailua-Kona on the west side and Hilo (or Volcano) on the east side during your trip. This will alleviate a lot of extra driving and allow you to experience both sides of the island.

Can you drive around Kauai in one day?

You’ll be blown away by the changes in scenery, from mountains and waterfalls to stretches of gorgeous beaches. Driving completely around Kaua’i can be accomplished in one day if you’re ambitious; the highway forms a semi-circle and takes about two-and-a-half hours to traverse.

What is the best area in Kauai to stay?

Kauai Best Areas to StayThe South Shore- including Koloa, Lawai, and Poipu.The North Shore- including Princeville, Hanalei, and Kilauea.The East Coast- including Kapaa, Wailua and, in this case, the county seat of Lihue.More items…•

Where should I stay in Kauai for the first time?

Where to Stay on Kauai’s North Shore. For your time on Kauai’s north shore, I would recommend staying in Princeville. Princeville is well-located in terms of beaches and tourist conveniences, and it’s also got a front-row seat to some of Kauai’s most gorgeous scenery (more on that later).

Does Kauai have white sand beaches?

By far the lengthiest beach in Hawaii, Polihale Beach and State Park is in West Kauai and is a 17-mile-long stretch of glistening white sand and remarkable dunes. Access to the beach is down an unsurfaced old cane trail road which makes it appear like a desert highway than a coastal island.

Is Maui or Kauai better for families?

On both islands, you’ll find everything your family needs. Great resorts, fantastic vacation rentals, beautiful beaches, and family-friendly dining. … Maui has better resorts, weather, and beach options. Kauai has better hiking, is less crowded, and requires less driving.

Can you swim at Poipu Beach?

Swimming, boogie boarding, surfing, snorkeling and scuba diving are all found within a one mile stretch of coastline. Poipu Beach Park is considered among the safest in Hawaii, with a lifeguard on duty seven days a week.

Is Kauai safe to visit?

Is it safe to travel to Kauai 2018? Kauai is the least affected by the Volcano of all the Islands. … It is also not in a tourist area and should have almost NO impact on your trip. Unless of course, you are planning in staying or visiting an affected area.

How many days do you need in Kauai?

Many first-time visitors stop in Kauai for four days while island hopping between two or three islands. Four days is enough time to see the best of the island (except for several days-long hikes like the Na Pali Coast).