Quick Answer: Can I Get Job After BSc Agriculture?

Which country is best for agriculture jobs?

Canada has been considering in top-ranking holding a large number of agriculture areas with a low population which is creating new opportunities for foreigner expert in the agriculture sector.

GDP contribution is 49 Billion (USD)..

Which country is best for agriculture?

ChinaAgriculture, value added (current US$) – Country RankingRankCountryValue1China978,453,000,000.002India396,987,000,000.003United States178,580,000,000.004Indonesia133,480,000,000.00118 more rows•Dec 28, 2019

Which job has highest salary?

List of Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in IndiaMachine Learning Experts.Blockchain Developer.Full Stack Software Developer.Product Management.Management Consultant.Investment Banker.Chartered Accountant.Marketing Manager.More items…

Which is better B Pharm or BSC agriculture?

Pharmacy is s study that will help you acquire knowledge and may be skills around Drugs, Processes, Pathways and discovery. BSC agriculture will get you to understanding soil, water, pesticides, technology, harvesting and may be breeding. Depending upon your interest you may look to pursue either course.

What is the highest paying job in agriculture?

Some of the highest paying agriculture jobs are:Biochemist.Food Scientist.Environmental Engineer.Agricultural Lawyer.Agricultural Operations Manager.Animal Geneticist.Agricultural Engineers.Agronomy Sales Manager.More items…•

What is best after BSc agriculture?

After doing BSc Agriculture, one may also go for MSc Agriculture and take up a teaching job, or even go for a PhD and build a career in Agricultural Research.

Is BSC agriculture better than MBBS?

MBBS is a professional Medical Course and B.Sc is a Bachelor’s in professional Agricultural course. By all means any professional degree course is better than a B.Sc course. Having said that, there is no dearth of opportunities for B.Sc Agriculture.

How is agri cut off calculated?

Agriculture Cutoff Formula for Maths Biology Group( Biology marks for 200 ) /4 = 50 +( Maths marks for 200 ) /4 = 50 +( Chemistry marks for 200 ) /4 = 50.Total is the Cutoff /4 = 200.

Is agriculture good for Career?

Agriculture is a superb career field to consider. There are plenty of opportunities for people of all races, genders and age groups and if the job itself isn’t enough to get you excited about this sector then the living benefits of the country life certainly will.

Is it good to do BSC agriculture from private college?

Yes it is viable to pursue a B.Sc. agriculture course in a private college and have a good career ahead. Check whether the private college is recognized by UGC or not. The B.Sc agriculture has equal importance whether you done from government college or from private college.

How can I become agriculture officer after BSc agriculture?

Go for Post Graduation-Write the ICAR JRF exam….The most obvious option is to go for post graduation in any discipline of your interest and choice. … The Specialist officer posts are filled every year through IBPS in which mostly agriculture graduates find a good opportunity to get job right after graduation.More items…

What is the salary of BSc Agri?

5 lakhs to 9 lakhsSalary Scale for BSc Agriculture Course: The average course salary offered to graduates of Bachelor of Science [B.Sc] Agriculture course ranges from INR 5 lakhs to 9 lakhs.

What is the benefit of studying BSc agriculture?

BSc Agriculture degree equips a student with the knowledge and skills that will help them to manage agri-preneurship, to conduct research, work in agricultural field, conduct field surveys and manage different areas of farming practices.

Is BSc agriculture is tough?

No! The Bsc agriculture is a practical oriented course so it’s not hard to study. … It’s all about the individual goal and interest which will decides the difficulty level in doing a course so be clear with you goal and search for future opportunities after Bsc agriculture and choose according to your interest.