Quick Answer: Can You Pay On The GO Train?

Can I eat on the go train?

One infuriating habit is riders who turn the train into a food court, especially with stinky snacks.

“You are allowed to eat on the train, but it shouldn’t be stinky and deal with your own garbage,” Aikins said..

How do you pay for go train with Presto?

How do I use my PRESTO card for the GO Train? TAP ON by touching your card to the PRESTO Fare Payment Device at the station. Be sure to check the screen on the device to confirm that a fare has been deducted from your card. A beep and a green or green/yellow light indicates a successful transaction.

What happens if I dont pay my GO train?

One of the main changes that Metrolinx implemented on April 1, 2019, is that there will now be a ‘zero-tolerance strategy’ for those who don’t pay their fare. Passengers who didn’t pay or refuse to show their valid ticket when asked by an officer will now be issued a ‘Notice of Violation’ which results in a $100 fine.

How do you use the GO Train?

Where to Buy Tickets and PassesTap your PRESTO card before you board the train or bus and be sure to tap off. … Keep your ticket, pass, or PRESTO card handy for fare inspection while you ride the train.Buy your ticket before you board the bus and show it to your driver.

Can you drink on the GO Train?

Public drinking on a GO train is a provincial infraction with a fine of $125. The confiscated booze is flushed on the train.

Can I buy go train tickets online?

Avoid the lines. Buy your GO Transit tickets online to enjoy the ease & convenience of a GO Transit e-ticket. Pre-buy your GO train or bus ticket online here! * Must pre-purchase tickets online.

Can I use my Presto card on the subway?

Information about PRESTO You can use PRESTO to pay your fare on all TTC streetcars, buses (including Wheel-Trans and accessible taxis) and at every subway station.

How do I put money on my Presto card?

There are several ways to load your PRESTO card or check your balance:Through the PRESTO App.Online.Through our Chat feature (you must have set up a Saved Payment Method to load your card through Chat)In person at a Customer Service Outlet.At a Self-Serve Reload Machine.More items…

How much is a GO Train day pass?

You can take GO wherever you want, all Sunday Funday long. That means you can ride on any GO train or bus, to and from wherever you’re going, for just $10 each Sunday. The Sunday Funday pass is only available online on the GO e-ticket platform.

How fast does the GO train go?

150 km/hSpoiler alert: GO Trains travel at up to 150 km/h (93 mph).

What happens if you don’t tap your Presto card?

If you forget to tap off at the end of your trip, an amount for Missed Tap Off or Underpayment will be deducted from your PRESTO card at the start of your next trip in the GO network. You’ll be charged the adult cash fare to the furthest distance on the train line or bus route you took when you forgot to tap off.

Is there WIFI on the GO Train?

Free Wi-Fi is available at most GO stations and bus terminals, including Union Station. Our new GO Plus offers free Wi-Fi on GO trains and buses and unlimited entertainment options. Can I call a GO station? Our stations and terminals cannot receive calls from the public.

DO GO trains have bathrooms?

Benefits of the New Train Cars Washrooms with electric hand dryers, and touchless faucets and soap dispensers. Additional floor heat to keep temperatures warmer during the winter months.

How do I dispute a train ticket?

If you wish to dispute the amount of the fine, use our fast, online fine review system to see if you are eligible for an automatic reduction. You’ll get an immediate response to potentially reduce your fine. Click here to submit your request.

Can I tap my phone for Presto?

The update means that users can now reload funds through the app, tap their Presto cards to their phones, and their balance will instantly updated. The function was previously available to Android users, but has now been rolled out to iPhones as well.

Can you tap Presto twice?

When you tap on, the system deducts the default trip fare, so you don’t have to tap a second time when you get off at your default destination. This means even more time saved with PRESTO. … A default trip can only be set-up in person by visiting a GO Transit Customer Service Outlet.

How much is a Presto card?

The PRESTO card costs $6 and is non-refundable. This charge is collected by us to cover administrative fees for the cost of the card and using the system. When you buy or reload a card at a Shoppers Drug Mart or other in-person Customer Service Outlets, you must load at least $0.05.

What happens if you forget to tap your EZ Link?

Should he forget to tap the ez-link card on the exit card reader, the maximum fare for the journey will be deducted when the card is next presented at any ez-link card device.