Quick Answer: Can You Scan Clipper Card Twice?

Is Clipper card refundable?


7.1 A Cardholder may request a refund of the remaining cash value on a Registered Card with a minimum $5 cash value balance by mailing his/her Card to the Clipper® Customer Service Center with a completed Clipper Cancellation Form, which is available on the Clipper® website at clippercard.com..

How long does Clipper card last?

Monthly passes are for a specific calendar month and must be loaded to your card before the pass expiration date. When you set up Autoload or load value to your card online or by phone, you have 6 months from the order date to tag your card to a card reader to load cash value and 31-day passes.

How many Clipper cards can you have?

You can use a debit card three times per day to purchase Clipper cards individually, so you can purchase a maximum of three Clipper cards in a day with the same debit card.

Is Caltrain cheaper with Clipper?

Clipper® is a reloadable fare payment card that’s used to store a Caltrain Monthly Pass and/or cash. Using Clipper® on Caltrain saves you money compared to buying a One-way Ticket from the station ticket machines. … Clipper® card also is accepted on various transit agencies in the San Francisco Bay Area.

How much money do I have on my Clipper card?

If you need to check your balance or card usage history: Log into your My Clipper account and click on “Check card value” or “Check card activity” Contact Clipper Customer Service at 877.878. 8883, TDD/TTY 711 or 800.735.

How do I get a free Clipper card?

Apply for a free $20 Clipper Card….Try Transit to/from WorkLive or work in Contra Costa County.Are 18 years of age or older.Would otherwise drive alone to/from an employment location if this incentive program were not available.Agree to complete a brief questionnaire to assess the effectiveness of this program.

What is Clipper card good for?

Why Clipper? You can add cash value and passes for multiple transit agencies to a single card —making transfers between transit services easy. You can also take advantage of optional benefits, such as online account management, balance protection for lost cards, and automatic reloading of your pass or cash value.

What happens if you forget to tag off Clipper card?

If you forget to tag off, the highest fare between all zones is charged and you must have this amount on the card as cash. Since the Clipper card has a maximum negative amount and the maximum zones exceed that amount, an additional $1.25 is required.

Can you use a Clipper card on the bus?

Paying with Clipper VTA accepts the following on a Clipper card: Cash value: For single rides on local or express bus routes or on light rail. VTA Standard Monthly Pass: Unlimited rides for one calendar month for adults on local bus routes and light rail and for youth, senior and disabled riders on any route.

Can you transfer funds from one Clipper card to another?

Can I transfer a balance from one Clipper Card to another? You can transfer any cash value balance on your card, but you cannot transfer a pass, BART High Value Discount ticket or 8-ride. Clipper charges a $5 fee for balance transfers. Call Clipper Customer Service at 877.878.

Is Bart cheaper with Clipper?

Yes, there is still a one-time $3.00 acquisition fee for an adult Clipper card but Bay Area visitors save money at multiple transit systems with Clipper. In addition to the 50-cent per trip savings on BART, adult Muni customers who use Clipper save 50-cents on single-ride fares.

Where can I purchase a Senior Clipper card for Bart?

Senior citizens can now visit one of the eight MyTransitPlus kiosks located in the downtown San Francisco BART stations: Embarcadero, Montgomery Street, Powell Street and Civic Center; and in the East Bay, the Richmond, Coliseum/Oakland Airport, Bay Fair and Walnut Creek BART stations.

Can you go negative on Clipper card?

As part of a convenience feature for users, the Clipper card can “go negative” — meaning a passenger can exit a station without having paid the full cost of the trip. … Since Clipper cards are free, passengers can add a nominal fare to their balance and make lengthy trips.