Quick Answer: How Do I Plan An Interrailing Trip?

How much money do you need for Interrailing?

We would advise allowing for around 50-100 euros per day, do you have to spend this exact amount every day.


Different factors will come into play, for example, one of the days you may want to do a tour that costs around 15-20 euros, but you still need to allow money for eating, public transport etc..

Is there an age limit for Interrailing?

Please familiarise yourself with the below age classifications before purchasing your Pass: Youth: The Interrail Youth Pass is for individuals who are under 28 but over 11 years on the first day of validity. Adult: The Interrail Adult Pass is for individuals aged 28 years or over on the first day of validity.

Is it safe to travel Europe alone as a female?

Europe truly has everything a solo traveler could hope for. … Beyond that, Europe is a very safe place for women to travel alone. Generally speaking, it’s about as safe as your hometown, and most of the precautions you’d need to take are precautions you already take as a woman.

Is there an overnight train from Paris to Barcelona?

Yes. If you want to make the most of your time in Barcelona by travelling overnight, you can take SNCF’s Intercité de nuit train from Paris to Barcelona. The night train departs at 11:52 from Paris station and takes around 13 hours and 23 minutes, arriving in Barcelona at 11.21.

How do you use Interrailing tickets?

You can use your Interrail Global Pass to make 1 inbound and 1 outbound journey within your own country. Read more about travel in your own country. Outside of your own country, you may take as many journeys as you wish. An Interrail One Country Pass gives you access to the national railway of the country you select.

What is the 7pm rule?

No, your Interrail pass is not valid for night trains that depart on the last date your pass is valid. Your pass must be valid for both the day the night train departs & the day it arrives. What is the “7pm rule”? The “7pm rule” is the old night train rule, from before 2019 – it is no longer in use, so can be ignored.

What do I need for Interrailing for a month?

List of Interrail Trip EssentialsLarge backpack. In typical backpacker style, you’ll want a large backpack to easily transport everything you need while travelling between European cities. … Small backpack. … Bag separators. … Interrail pass. … Pens. … Seat reservations. … Flight boarding passes. … Passport.More items…•

Is Eastern Europe safe for solo female Travellers?

Solo women can travel safely in most of Eastern Europe, but like any other solo travelers, they might find it difficult to book any room at a single-room price. … In addition, it is not wise for a woman to travel alone at night in these places.

Do trains go at night?

It depends on what kind of trains you are asking about. Commuter, heavy rail, and light rail trains seldom run in the wee night hours. Many intercity passenger trains run at all hours of the day, as do freight trains. It primarily depends on the nature of the train and when it is best for it to do its thing.

Can you go Interrailing by yourself?

Travelling alone can be daunting task but it can also be a liberating experience. Go on spontaneous trips and choose when and where you want to go on your own. Travelling across Europe with an Interrail Global Pass is the perfect way to meet fellow travellers and locals in up to 28 countries.

Can you use Interrail on Eurostar?

Yes! If you have a Interrail Global Pass, you can travel on the Eurostar high-speed train connecting London with France, Belgium, and the Netherlands. A seat reservation is mandatory for this train and can be made up to 6 months in advance.

Can you go Interrailing at 17?

Many travel companies are only for travellers over 18, but luckily we are more than happy to accommodate 16 and 17-year-olds provided we have the consent of your parents or guardian. … Please note you will still require consent letters.

How long should you go Interrailing for?

If you plan on interrailing around it, that takes time. It will of course depend on the nature of your trip, but on average we spent approximately four hours on every train.

Which is better Eurail or InterRail?

If you are from Europe (citizen or you have residency there), you should apply for an Interrail pass. Your pass will also be cheaper because, as a citizen, you pay taxes in Europe. If you are not from Europe, you should buy a Eurail pass.

Are overnight trains in Thailand safe?

Train travel in Thailand is more scenic and allows you to avoid heavy traffic and bad roads. If traveling overnight, you’ll arrive much more refreshed after a night on a sleeper train instead of an overnight bus. … Although delays and even occasional breakdowns happen, train travel is still safer than traveling by bus.