Quick Answer: How Much Is Kevin Sorbo Worth?

How old is Sam Sorbo?

54 years (October 18, 1966)Sam Sorbo/Age.

Is Kevin Sorbo a Mormon?

He was raised in a religious family and had always been a Christian; he just didn’t wear it on his sleeve. “My wife warned me. She said, ‘This is going to hurt your career,”’ Sorbo said Tuesday night at a reception in Greenville.

Is the Reliant a religious movie?

Kevin Sorbo isn’t afraid to turn up the heat with a faith-based action film. The 61-year-old is starring in “The Reliant” as Rick, a father of five desperate to gather his family after finding himself surrounded by chaos as civil unrest explodes in his small town.

Where is Kevin Sorbo from?

Mound, Minnesota, United StatesKevin Sorbo/Place of birth

How old is Kevin Sorbo now?

62 years (September 24, 1958)Kevin Sorbo/Age

What religion is Kevin Sorbo?

Christian faithSorbo grew up in a Lutheran family. He has very strong Christian faith. His notable Christian drama films are God’s Not Dead (2014) and Let There Be Light (2017).

Who is Kevin Sorbo married to?

Sam Sorbom. 1998Kevin Sorbo/SpousePersonal life. On January 5, 1998, Sorbo married actress Sam Jenkins, who he met the previous year when she had a small recurring role on Hercules. They have three children: Braeden Cooper (born 2001), Shane Haaken (born 2004), and Octavia Flynn (born 2005).

Does Kevin Sorbo have a son?

Braedon Cooper SorboSonShane Haaken SorboKevin Sorbo/Sons

Does Kevin Sorbo surf?

The 90s version of the worlds first superhero is more surfer than Greek, and he tries to reason his way out of scrapes. He is Kevin Sorbo, a savvy 37-year-old Minnesotan with flowing brown hair and intensely blue eyes. At 6-foot-3 he has a powerful build, but not the kind that would win Mr. Universe contests.

Does Kevin Sorbo have siblings?

Scott SorboBrotherPam SorboSisterTom SorboBrotherKevin Sorbo/Siblings

Are Kevin and Sam Sorbo married?

Sorbo studied Biomedical Engineering at Duke University, but decided to pursue modeling and acting afterwards. Sorbo married actor Kevin Sorbo on January 5, 1998. They have three children together, whom they homeschooled.

Where does Kevin Sorbo live?

Muscle-bound actor Kevin Sorbo, known for portraying Hercules and other strongman heroes, and his actress wife, Sam, who sometimes uses the last name Jenkins, have listed their estate in Westlake Village at $3.75 million. A long, tree-lined drive leads to the Mediterranean-style villa in the North Ranch area.

Who played Hercules in the 60s?

Steve ReevesSteve Reeves as Hercules ……………….. For more classic 60’s and 70’s pics please visit and like my Facebook Page at www.facebook.com/… Find this Pin and more on Star Time by Robert’s World.

How tall is Kevin Sorbo?

1.91 mKevin Sorbo/Height

Is the movie Let there be light based on a true story?

Let There Be Light is a 2017 American Christian drama directed by and starring Kevin Sorbo and written by Dan Gordon and Sam Sorbo. The plot follows an atheist who goes through a near-death experience in an auto accident and converts to Christianity. … It was released in the United States on October 27, 2017.

When did Kevin Sorbo get married?

January 5, 1998 (Sam Sorbo)Kevin Sorbo/Wedding dates

What happened in the last episode of Hercules?

November 22, 1999Hercules: The Legendary Journeys/Final episode date

What ever happened to Kevin Sorbo?

Years after the end of Hercules, Sorbo still suffers from nerve damage, residual pain, the occasional migraine, and a ten percent loss of vision, and says the experience made him realize what was truly important to him: his wife and his faith.