Quick Answer: What Does Black Kaiser Mean?

What do you call a female Kaiser?

Kaiser m (genitive Kaisers, plural Kaiser, female Kaiserin) emperor (ruler of certain monarchies; highest monarch).

Are they making a polar 2?

As for any word on an official Polar sequel, nothing has been revealed yet. That said, the film’s director Jonas Åkerlund spoke with Screen Rant about the possibility of a sequel and what he would like to see in it.

How much is Kaiser worth?

OAKLAND, Calif. — Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, Inc., Kaiser Foundation Hospitals and their respective subsidiaries (KFHP/H) reported 2019 annual financial results. Total operating revenues for 2019 were $84.5 billion, compared to $79.7 billion in 2018.

Did the Kaiser cause ww1?

Wilhelm was never tried, and died in exile in 1941. Historians are still split on his role in causing World War I.

Who would be the Kaiser today?

Georg Friedrich Ferdinand, Prince of Prussia (born 10 June 1976) is a German businessman who is the current head of the Prussian branch of the House of Hohenzollern, the former ruling dynasty of the German Empire and of the Kingdom of Prussia.

Can you go to any hospital with Kaiser?

When you have an emergency medical condition, we cover emergency care anywhere in the world. We encourage you to go to a Plan hospital Emergency Department if you are inside our service area, but only if it is reasonable to do so considering your condition or symptoms.

Is Kaiser bad?

No,Kaiser does not have a bad reputation. A hospital or clinic is only as good as its doctors. In the cities, it MIGHT have a bad reputation.

How tall was the Kaiser?

The original required height was 6 Prussian feet (about 6 ft 2 in or 1.88 m), well above average then and now. The king was about 1.60 m (5 ft 3 in) tall himself.

Why is Kaiser Permanente so expensive?

In California’s new state-run health insurance market, Kaiser Permanente will cost you. … Some experts say Kaiser intentionally bid high to avoid drawing too many customers next year who are sick or who have been uninsured for years and may be costlier to treat.

How much does Kaiser cost per month?

In 2018, Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF) found the average premium for single coverage was $575 per month, or $6,896 per year. The average premium for family coverage was $1,635 per month or $19,616 per year.

Does Duncan die in polar?

After Camille lends her side to the story, Duncan accepts his fate moments before she ultimately forgives him.

Does Germany still have a Kaiser?

It has been a full century since the abdication of the last emperor of Germany, Kaiser Wilhelm II, but the would-be heir to his throne is still known as a prince. … Georg Friedrich is in the midst of a suddenly high-profile fight with the German government over property once owned by the former royal family.

Did the Kaiser speak English?

His communication with his mother was always in English. There are recordings of him speaking in English, and he spoke without any German accent in very typical upper class tones. He also spoke French, Russian and Dutch. … If Kaiser Wilhelm had not abdicated, who would be the current monarch of Germany?

Is Kaiser a boy or girl name?

Kaiser as a boy’s name is of Latin origin, and the meaning of Kaiser is “head of hair”.

What’s the movie Polar about?

The world’s top assassin, Duncan Vizla, aka The Black Kaiser, is settling into retirement when his former employer marks him as a liability to the firm. Against his will, he finds himself back in the game going head-to-head with an army of younger, faster, ruthless killers who will stop at nothing to have him silenced.Polar/Film synopsis

Will there be a polar 2 Netflix?

Jonas Åkerlund and Mads Mikkelsen seem happy to come back for a sequel to Netflix’s Polar… Polar arrived on Netflix last week to less-than-stellar reviews.

Who plays the Black Kaiser?

Mads MikkelsenThe new graphic novel sees Polar creator Victor Santos go back to the beginning of the story — beyond the events of Came From The Cold, the first volume in the series — to reveal the origin and backstory of the Black Kaiser, the character played by Mads Mikkelsen in the recent Netflix adaptation of the series.

When did Germany stop having a Kaiser?

November 9, 1918In late 1918, popular unrest in Germany (which had suffered greatly during the war) combined with a naval mutiny convinced civilian political leaders that the kaiser had to abdicate to preserve order. In fact, Wilhelm’s abdication was announced on November 9, 1918, before he had actually consented to it.

Where was the cabin in the movie Polar?

Camille’s cabin is the one featured on The Umbrella Academy. In real life, it’s not located in Montana where Polar takes place — it’s near Toronto, Ontario, where much of the series was filmed. The cabin got a wintry makeover for Polar, although some of the shoot required a sprinkling of movie magic on that front.

Who was the first Kaiser?

Wilhelm Friedrich LudwigWilliam I or Wilhelm I (German: Wilhelm Friedrich Ludwig; 22 March 1797 – 9 March 1888) of the House of Hohenzollern was King of Prussia from 2 January 1861 and the first German Emperor from 18 January 1871 to his death.

Is Triple Oak Montana a real place?

The village of Orono east of Toronto has been transformed into the fictional town of Triple Oak, Montana for the filming of Polar, a new movie starring Mads Mikkelsen and Vanessa Hudgens. … Both Mikkelsen and Hudgens have been spotted in the area.

What does Kai mean?

In Hawaiian, Kai is a unisex name which means “sea” in Hawaiian language or “ocean”. In Japanese, kai has a number of meanings, including “ocean” (海), “shell” (貝), “restoration” and “recovery”.

What does the name Kaiser mean?

emperorKaiser is the German word for “emperor”. In general, the German title was only used for rulers above the rank of king (König). In English, the (untranslated) word Kaiser is mainly associated with the emperors of the unified German Empire (1871–1918).

Is Kaiser a German name?

Kaiser is a surname derived from the German imperial title Kaiser (English: emperor). Variation spellings rooted in the Kaiser surname are Kayser, Keiser, Kiser, and Kyser. … Dutch cognates of the surname include Keizer, (De) Keijzer, (De) Keyser, and Dekeyser.

Where did they film Polar?

Filming began early February 2018 in Orono, Ontario, Canada, and continued around February 23 in Toronto, Ontario, with noted Swedish director Jonas Åkerlund at the helm.

Who plays Porter in polar?

Richard Dreyfuss as Porter Richard Dreyfuss, that’s who. A true living legend of cinema, Dreyfuss is most known for his collaborations with Steven Spielberg in the ’70s, Jaws and Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

Does Vivian die in polar?

Vivian’s fate is not seen afterward but it is highly possible that she succumbs to her lethal wounds as the bullet was shot through her heart and lung.