Quick Answer: What Food Is Served In Shatabdi Express?

Is food free in Shatabdi Express?

In Rajdhani, Shatabdi and Duronto trains, catering charges are included in the fare (on opt-in basis).

In first class AC and executive class of these trains, tea will cost ₹35 (₹15 at present), breakfast ₹140 (up from ₹90) and lunch and dinner ₹245 (from ₹140)..

Is there WiFi in Shatabdi Express?

WiFi Inside The Train Now! As per confirmed reports coming in, Indian Railways has approved the extension of Operation Swarn to premium trains such as Rajdhani, Shatabdi Express and Duronto Express. Under Operation Swarn, Delhi-Kathgodam Express was powered with WiFi hotspots, and proved to be very successful.

Is food provided in Kalka Shatabdi?

Kalka Shatabdi runs between New Delhi and Kalka. This train provides breakfast, lunch, evening snacks and dinner. Charges of food is included in ticket price.

What is the difference between EC and CC in Shatabdi Express?

Each Shatabdi train has 2 Executive Class coaches. While Chair Car coaches have seating arrangement in 3×2 seats per row, the Executive Class coaches follow the 2×2 seating arrangement. There is a clear difference in the quality of seats between both the classes.

What is the difference between EC and CC in Shatabdi?

The difference between both the class EC and CC in Shatabdi Express trains are. EC in Shatabdi Express has 2×2 seat layout whereas CC in Shatabdi Express has 3×2 seat layout. The fare of Executive Class of Shatabdi Express is more than than the fare of Chair Car class in Shatabdi Express.

At what time food is served in Shatabdi?

In Shatabdi express you can enjoy breakfast at around 10 AM, Lunch at 1:30 PM, Evening tea at 5:00 PM and finally dinner at around 8:00 PM.

How can I book Food in Shatabdi Express?

I am travelling in Shatabdi Express, can I book meal through e-catering?…On the homepage www.ecatering.irctc.co.in, enter the PNR no. … On selecting the station at which meal is to be delivered, vendor menu will open along with item prices.Select the vendor and then select the meals to be booked.More items…

Is breakfast provided in Shatabdi?

Since Shatabdi trains are for day-travel, the coaches don’t have any berths. … Food prices are included in Shatabdi train tickets. Depending on the duration of your journey and the time of your boarding, you will be served breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee/tea, soup, snacks, a bottle of water, etc.

What is the cost of Shatabdi Express ticket?

Fares for the mornings Shatabdi is ₹ 820 for AC chair car and for the evening train the fare is ₹ 740 per person.

How much luggage is allowed in Shatabdi Express?

According to the rules, a passenger in first class air-conditioned compartment is allowed 70 kg of luggage for free and a maximum of 150 kg. An AC two-tier passenger can carry 50 kg of luggage for free and a maximum of 100 kg. A sleeper class and a second class passenger can carry luggage weighing upto 40 kg and 35 kg.

Is breakfast free in Shatabdi Express?

Breakfast will cost ₹140 and ₹105 in AC first and AC second, AC third of Rajdhani, Shatabdi and Duronto trains, respectively. For lunch and dinner, you will have to pay ₹245 in AC first and ₹185 in AC second and third AC of Rajdhani, Shatabdi and Duronto trains.

Which train food is free?

Free Food Inside Trains? EaseMyTrip is a ticket booking and travel website, and if a passenger books train tickets using EaseMyTrip website/app, then they can get absolutely free food. The free food will be provided by RelFood, which an official IRCTC partner for delivering food insider trains and in railway stations.