Quick Answer: Which Is The Best Train Tracking App?

What is the best app for train times?

The Ixigo Train app lets you figure out routes, check a train’s status, find seat availability, and book tickets.

You’ll get live updates for 5000+ Indian Railways trains, including useful information like where your train currently is and which platform it will arrive on..

Is there an app that tells you when a train is coming?

Jacob Van Order believes so, which is why he created QuickTrain, an iPhone app that allows users to quickly tap into the Train Tracker data stream in order to find out when the next train is approaching the station closest to their current location, and bookmark those stations they use most.

How accurate is trainman prediction?

It’s pretty accurate. As with all kinds of predictions, there is never any guarantee. But, Trainman has been tested over 5 million pnrs and found to be correct with an average accuracy of around 83%. In some trains, the accuracy was found to be over 90%.

Where is my train app history?

‘Where is my Train’, developed by Bengaluru-based startup- Sigmoid Labs, is said to be one of the highest rated travel apps in India. At present, the multilingual Android app is available in as many as 8 languages namely, English, Hindi, Bengali, Marathi, Malayalam, Kannada, Tamil, and Telugu.

Where is my train APP founder?

Where Is My Train has been founded by five former executives of the US-based technology-entertainment company TiVo Corporation — Ahmed Nizam Mohaideen, Meenakshi Sundaram, Balasubramoniam Rajendran, and Sashikumar Venkataraman.

Which is the best train running status app?

ixigo trains is the top train confirm ticket booking, flight booking, and bus booking app. Seamlessly book IRCTC train tickets, check your PNR status, get to know your live NTES running status know where is my train, even without the internet.

Is where is my train app accurate?

Accurate Spotting of Train – This is one of the best features of where is my train app. With this one is able to know the live train status of any train anytime and anywhere. There is no requirement of internet or GPS in this while traveling as the location is known through the information on the cell tower.

How can I track my train?

A) RailYatri started this easy-to-use app feature to simplify train travel for all its users. Now train status can be checked on the go via RailYatri mobile app or website to know the current location of the train and its delay status. Check train status through any modern day Internet-powered devices.

What is CNF probability in Irctc?

The CNF Probability option gives passengers a forecast of confirmation probability, determining the possibility of getting a confirmed seat. To check CNF Probability, go to the IRCTC website and enter your desired ‘from’ and ‘to’ stations, date of journey along with other details.

Can we get RAC in Tatkal ticket?

If wait listed Tatkal tickets do not get confirmed or RAC, they automatically get cancelled and the passenger gets refund. Refunds: Confirmed tickets do not get refund upon cancellation. In case of RAC or waitlisted tickets refund is available if the same are cancelled up to 30 minutes prior to the scheduled departure.

What is GNWL and WL?

Waiting List (WL): If the passenger status is marked as WL followed by a number then the passenger has a waitlisted status. … Similarly, GNWL/AVAILABLE means that current status of your ticket is CONFIRMED because some passengers who booked before you have cancelled their tickets.

Where is my train app acquired by Google?

Others ET had reported that Google was set to acquire the Bengaluru based startup for $30-40 million as part of its ‘Next Billion Users’ initiative. BENGALURU: Google has acquired Bengaluru-based startup Sigmoid Labs, which runs the app, Where is My Train.