What Is A 351 Stroker?

Is the 351 Windsor a good engine?

the 351w is a very good engine, it can handle a lot of power before the block splits, that usually happens at around 800hp.

the 351m is an ok engine, good for use in trucks and for the basis of building a good 400.

the 351c on the other hand is tough to beat, even by the chevy 350..

How much horsepower does a 393 stroker have?

500 horsepowerProperly built, a 393 can make an easy 450 to 500 horsepower. And it’s all in a package that will fit under the hood of a Mustang.

Is 302 better than 351w?

The big advantage is probably the smaller main and rod journals that slow down bearing speed and use up less HP. Overall a stock 351W is hands down stronger than a stock 302, thicker deck,cylinder walls,bigger head and main bolts, so it may be that the 302 is more easily built.

What can a 351 be stroked to?

The 351W gets stroked a half-inch by fitting the block with a 400M crankshaft (the 400M is a tall-deck Cleveland). Keep in mind the 351W has a 3.50-inch stroke while the 400M has 4 inches of stroke.

How much horsepower can you get out of a 351?

The long-lived Ford “Windsor” engine, displacing 351 cubic inches, was available in performance applications such as the Ford Boss Mustang in 1971, and today is available in a crate-engine version which features up to 535 horsepower.

How much horsepower can a 351 Windsor block handle?

700 hpPretty much any 351W block should handle 700 hp, however there are a ton of factors which may kill one +/- that mark.

Which 351w block is best?

The 69′ block is the strongest stock 351w block. High nickle content and thicker main webbing. It is also flat at the top of the main webbing. This make it possible to go with 4 bolt mains.

How big can you stroke 351w?

Ford Engine Bore and Stroke ChartFord Stock Engine Bore and Stroke Guide2603.8002.8702894.0002.8703024.0003.000351W4.0003.50026 more rows•Mar 7, 2018

What year 351w is best?

1969Registered. From what I have read, the best year for 351W blocks are 1969, 70, and 71. For some reason these were the strongest 351W ever produced, but very hard to find.

What 351 engine do I have?

The quickest way to identify a Ford 351 Windsor engine is to count the number of bolts on the valve covers. The valve covers are located on the top of the engine, one on either side of the air cleaner, and each will have six bolts.

Is 351 Cleveland better than Windsor?

The 351 Cleveland is a member of the 335 series family of Ford small-block engines. Its large ports and oversize canted valves give it more horsepower and allow it to run at a higher rpm than the Windsor. The valve covers have a twisting curve and are attached by eight bolts.